Educational Projects

California State University, Long Beach

Long Beach, CA

  • Chiller plant addition
  • Cooling tower replacement

Riverside Community College District - Riverside City College

Riverside, CA

  • Boiler plant replacement
  • Data center upgrades

Riverside Community College District - Moreno Valley Campus

Moreno Valley, CA

  • Boiler plant replacement
  • Chiller plant replacement

Riverside Community College District - Norco Campus

Norco, CA

  • Chiller plant replacement

los angeles unified school district

los angeles, CA

  • Van Deen Elementary School
  • Harbor Teacher Preperatory High School
  • Heliotrope Elementary School
  • 135th Street Elementary School
  • Corona Avenue Elementary School
  • Hughes Elementary School

City of Angels Medical Center

Los Angeles, CA

  • Boiler plant replacement
  • CT scanner replacement

Connecticut Children's Medical Center

Hartford, CT

  • Air handling unit retrofit

Glendale Adventist Medical Center

Glendale, CA

  • Temporary emergency 225-ton air-cooled chiller addition to service laboratory building

Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center

Los Angeles, CA

  • Energy efficiency study for existing central cooling and heating plant

Northeast Medical Center

Humble, TX

  • Cooling tower and boiler replacement
  • EMS upgrades

Parrish Medical Center

Titusville, FL

  • 600-ton Chiller replacement
  • 1000-kW Emergency generator addition
  • Cooling tower upgrades

Redlands Community Hospital

Redlands, CA

  • 450-ton Chiller plant replacement
  • 2000-ton Cooling tower replacement
  • EMS upgrades

Sharp Memorial Hospital & Medical Center

San Diego, CA

  • 1000-ton Chiller replacement
  • Air handling unit replacements and repairs
  • EMS upgrades
  • Hot water storage tank to steam heated hot water generator project

Simi Valley Hospital

Simi Valley, CA

  • 500-hp Steam boiler plant replacement
  • Air handling unit replacements and repair

UCLA Health System

Los Angeles, CA

  • Ackerman Building
    • Faculty cafeteria relocation
  • College of Health Sciences (CHS) Building
    • 4th-floor ICU-to-office conversion
    • 1st-floor coders relocation
  • 200 UCLA Medical Plaza
    • 6th-floor telepresence
    • Care-Connect ALL building
    • Laboratory retrofit
    • Endoscope washer addition
  • Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
    • ER pharmacy
    • ER lab extension
    • Maddie's Room retrofit
    • B-level Steinkamp art installation
    • Building security camera upgrades
    • Endoscope and Scrub-x units installation
  • Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center and Orthopaedic Hospital
    • Scope washer replacement
    • MDF & IDF data center cooling system upgrades
      • IDF rooms
      • 100-ton Dedicated air-cooled chiller addition
    • Portable x-ray machine seismic anchorage
    • Credit union automatic teller machine seismic anchorage
    • MNP tower medical air plant replacement
    • Steam service to new MOB building
    • Patient dialysis boxes
    • 3rd-floor OR satellite pharmacy
    • MNP 4th & 5th-floors equipment anchorages
    • MNP SB1 substation transformer
    • New tower basement kitchen equipment anchorage
    • New tower servery equipment anchorage
  • UCLA South Campus Student Center
    • Mechanical and electrical utilities design
  • UCLA Sunset Village Housing
    • High voltage loop addition
  • Veterans Rehabilitation Building
    • Outpatient unit relocation
  • UCLA West Medical Building
    • Cyto genetics expansion

USC University Hospital

Los Angeles, CA

  • Cafeteria servery remodel

Verdugo Hills Hospital

Glendale, CA

  • Two 450-ton chiller and cooling tower plant replacement
  • Air handling unit replacement and repair
  • EMS replacement
  • Energy efficiency study - lighting and water

Whittier Hospital

Whittier, CA

  • Emergency Room Building - 30-ton packaged air handling unit replacement

Los Angeles County ISD Headquarters

Los Angeles, CA

  • Chiller plant replacement

Los Angeles County ISD - Dorothy F. Kirby Center

Los Angeles, CA

  • Chiller plant replacement

City of Inglewood - Crenshaw Library

Inglewood, CA

  • HVAC and EMS replacement

City of Inglewood - Rogers Park

Inglewood, CA

  • Solar array installation

City of Inglewood - Service Center Building

Inglewood, CA

  • Emergency generator addition

Normandie Casino

Gardena, CA

  • HVAC replacement